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New Church in Trinidad needs help.

After years of working in the mission field we have come up with one of the best ways to send people on short term mission trips. Mission Trips Inc. is a mission trip provider that teams up with affiliate missionaries. Most mission organizations have large overhead that drives up your mission trip price. In trying to think outside of the box we asked the question; "Why duplicate services when there are missionaries on the mission field that need teams?". With our mission affiliates we can offer more mission trips to more countries at a lower cost. It is all about getting people to the mission field!

Mission Trips Inc. works with the missionaries, "in country", to work out your trip. We work with the missionaries to find the work sites and work up your accommodations, meals and local transport. The missionaries will be responsible for your team when "in country". Mission Trips Inc. will be your point of contact and will coordinate your mission trip. We will work with your group to help prepare for your mission trip.

To better define the roll Mission Trips Inc. plays in your mission trip. Mission Trips Inc. is like Gods Travel Agent. We match teams up with missionaries that we have contracted with to provide services.

Mission Trips Inc.'s job is to interface with the team while in their home country and prepare them for the trip with email and phone support. At that point we contract with the missionary in the country where the team requests to go. We help the missionary meet the needs of the team. Our web site is also full of mission trip helps to ready your team.

When your team gets in the host country Mission Trips Inc.'s job is done and your team will be turned over to the host missionary. At that point the host missionary will provide the services on the ground and will have full responsibility for your team.

Our missionaries are independent agents and have chosen to work with Mission Trips Inc. to lessen their administrative time and costs. We provide a service to both the team and the missionaries.

Every mission trip is custom fit to your needs and mission experience. Construction, Painting, Clean Up, VBS, Street Evangelism, Musical Program, Puppet Shows, Orphanage Ministry or Church Ministry, you pick how you are going to share Jesus.

Our trips are set up for seven days but we can add days to your trip. Just let us know and we will calculate the cost of the extra days! Unlike most mission trips organizations we let you customize your trip! We are here to serve your groups needs.

The missionaries will have staff with you when in country!

Hello, I am Dale C. Crow founder of and Mission Trips Inc. I was the youth pastor at the First United Methodist Church in Pace Fl. serving that church for eleven years. In 1999 after 18 years in youth ministry, I retired from youth ministry and God put on my heart to make a way to take both small and large groups to the mission field.

I first went on a short term mission trip in 1988 to Costa Rica. God changed my heart on that trip. God has also let me see the need in other countries like Guyana, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Jamaica and Trinidad.

We have now focused our mission trip ministry on two countries, Trinidad and Guyana. God has put on my heart to minister to Muslims and Hindus. Mission Trips Inc. is now working hand and hand with O.C.M. Outreach to preach the Gospel to the Muslims, Hindus and all the unsaved.

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